House S08E14 (Love is Blind) – Hey, look, it’s Vince from FNL!

Mr and Mrs Rabbit

Mr Hairy Tooth Fairy

How scary do you have to be in real life that someone freaking out and hallucinating while on drugs would see you as your regular self?

I understand how Park’s drugged mind would go to the Mr and Mrs Rabbit for Chase and Adams (“they flirt a lot”), and House would just look like House because he’s disturbing enough in reality that there’s no way her hallucination can top that. But Taub? What was that about?

Wilson: He isn’t your father either. I’m sorry.
House: You know what that means?
Wilson: Your mom’s a slut?
House: That, and … she’s not as boring as I thought she was.

So, the guy House thought is his biological father is not his biological father after all. Amazing how quickly that guy turned into a jerk after finding out House might be his son. I’m starting to think House got some of his deviousness from his mother. The “opps, I might have given my son’s best friend the wrong impression that I’m sick so my son will stop avoiding me” is classic.

Adams is sort of the opposite of Cameron when it comes to judging the patients. Cameron usually starts off being overly-sympathetic to the patient, but as she finds out more and more about the patient’s personal life, switches over into judgmental, disapproving mode. With Adams, the judgmental mode comes first, before  switching into understanding, if not necessarily sympathy. You know what would be great, though? If House writers would stop making the female doctors the only ones with inappropriate interests in the patient’s personal life.

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