The Good Wife S03E18 (Gloves Come Off) – Stalin and Associates Edition

Oh come on!! I know the show is desperate to make Alicia and Kalinda BFF again (don’t get me wrong, I want that too), but they don’t have to do it by slut-shaming Alicia. What Alicia did is NOT the equivalent to Kalinda’s action. Sleeping with somebody’s less-than-a-year boyfriend is NOT the same as sleeping with somebody’s husband of fifteen years. Not to mention Tammy had moved to London at the time, making the status of her relationship with Will ambiguous, while Alicia was still right there making dinners for Peter when Kalinda slept with him. Bleghh, I hate this storyline, and Tammy blaming Alicia over her break-up with Will, but playing nicey-nicey with Will. Hey, Alicia didn’t force Will to sleep with her, you know. At least when Alicia went ballistic over Kalinda-Peter, she went ballistic on BOTH of them. 

I don’t understand why Alicia wants to buy her old house. I thought the musical montage at the ebnd of last week’s episode, with Alicia walking through the house and finally breaking down, was supposed to be an indication that she’s no longer holding on too memories of the past.  Why go back? Why buy a house she can’t really afford? And how will this affect the divorce, the fact that Alicia just bought a 2 million dollars house? Or is she not getting a divorce anymore? Does looking back to the past include patching things up with Peter, too?

“Now I’m not going to do anything so dramatic as to ask who was it, but I will say this. If you have an issue with the way we’re running this firm, you come to me. You do not stab Will in the back, you do not lie to the disciplinary board.” 

I’m loving the Will being suspended plot for the sheer entertainment value. Between Eli, David Lee and Julius, I’d say Julius is the only one who is behaving in a semi grown-up manner. Yes, he was plotting to take Will’s place too, but in his case, it seems like he DOES deserve it, considering he’s the one taking most of Will’s case load. Eli’s approval of, and David Lee’s objection to Alicia getting a raise are obviously motivated by personal reasons and bias, but Julius’ consideration is based on Alicia’s work.

Louis Canning is starting to grate as a recurring character. It’s almost the same every time he turns up – he pretends to be nice to Alicia, he has some trick up his sleeves that may or may not involves manipulating people with his illness, he offers Alicia a job and talks about his firm being more family-friendly and ethical than Lockhart-Gardner, he loses the case to Alicia but then reveals than opps!, actually he won after all because there’s a bigger picture that Alicia completely missed. The only difference this time is Alicia played him to get the raise from Diane. The writers need to find a different way to use Canning on the show, or lose the character altogether.   

Tammy is right, Will does look great. There’s just something about the suit-no-tie look.


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