The Good Wife S03E17 (Long Way Home) – The Turkey Baster Edition

Is anyone else at all worried that Colin Sweeney is going to .. umm … do something to his baby mama? Come on, Isobel, you’re not concerned at all that Colin will kill you? This is Colin Sweeney we’re talking about. The whole sperms-as-gift and sperms-as-abandoned-property stuff creeps me out, but trust David Lee to come up with the turkey baster defense.

I suppose Alicia is right; the glass ceiling is broken so that women can have choices, and if they choose to stay home and not break the glass ceiling at work, well, that’s their choice. But setting the aside the issue of what’s good for women or “the sisterhood” in general, on a personal level, it’s a risky move giving up your career for love. And not just because love can end or your husband might turn out to be a cheating jerk; he could also be the best, most faithful husband in the world who got sick or die. And where would you and your kids be, then? So on the one hand, I’m grateful the show isn’t going for “Alicia v/s Caitlin featuring Will” thing that was teased for a while, but this storyline seems to come out of nowhere.

I don’t get how Peter and Alicia can afford that house when Peter was a State Attorney and Alicia was a homemaker, but Alicia can’t afford the house now even though we’ve been told that Alicia makes more money at Lockhart-Gardner than Peter makes as a State Attorney. Is this confirmation that Peter was corrupt back in the day? He had extra illegal income coming in back then? Weird. 

Wait, Cary’s position is higher than Matan Brody now? What the heck? Cary’s elevation into Peter’s most trusted right-hand man is one of the most BS storyline. I know, I know, the show wants to keep the character upfront, and it’s hard to do if he’s a junior ASA, but please, the notion that you can spend two years in an organization and suddenly becomes the number two person is absurd.


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