Idris Elba to Play Nelson Mandela

I can’t wait for this. Elba will be playing Mandela in the big screen adaptation of Mandela’s autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. This, plus Prometheus, are making me really, really excited. I keep hoping he’ll be cast in better movies than the ones he’s done so far. Sorry, Mr Elba, I don’t think I can endure Ghost Rider 2 and Nicholas Cage even for your sake!

Some great Stringer Bell moments from The Wire (Warning: Clips contain profanity and the N-word).

That time when Stringer tried to sell a condo to Detective McNulty. He’s really taking this going legit thing very seriously. The look on McNulty’s face is priceless.

This scene is very funny, but it gets to the heart of what Stringer wanted to do with the drug business. Make it about the quality of the product and not about disputing territories, that way they can reduce violence, hence reducing police presence. It seems like a good business model, but like Slim Charles said, even if they have the best product, how are they going to sell the product if they don’t have a place to sell it?

This is brilliant in so many ways. “Welcome New Day Co-Op. Tomorrow’s Success Stories Start Today”. Heh. Proposition Joe comparing the drug dealers to a bunch of Republicans, that guy taking minutes of meeting because that’s what Robert’s Rules said they have to do (it’s the same guy who was holding the Robert’s Rules of Order book in the previous clip). Gee, did you forget you guys are engaging in a criminal conspiracy? This isn’t a co-op selling organic vegetables, you know.

From Luther (the BBC series). I love this actress. “Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.”



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