Anna Karenina (2000)

I have a sudden obsession with Anna Karenina. Apparently there’s a 2000 British miniseries starring Stephen Dillane as Karenin and Mark Strong as Anna’s brother Oblonsky. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I want to watch this ASAP! Anna was played by Helen McCrory (probably most well-known as Cherie Blair in “The Queen”) and Kevin McKidd (Dr Owen Hunt aka Cristina’s husband in Grey’s Anatomy) played Count Vronsky. Was looking at the IMDB page for the 2012 Anna Karenina; I can’t find casting info for Nikolai Levin the dying brother. This, plus the fact that Joe Wright casts relatively unknown actors for the parts of Kitty and Levin made me suspect that the movie will be mostly about Anna, Vronsky and Karenin, and ignoring a large part of Levin’s story. Not surprising, I guess, you can’t fit everything in 2+ hours, and once you’ve cast a big star as Anna, you can’t keep moving from her story to someone else’s.


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