Academy Awards 2012 – The Axis of Evil Oscars

From novelist Hari Kunzru twitter feed (!/harikunzru)

Hari Kunzru@harikunzru

It’s like the axis of evil oscars! #Iran#Pakistan#France I HAVE SO MUCH LOVE TO GIVE!

Hari Kunzru@harikunzru

Mitt must be sure to leave no space on right fr Santorum in tomorrow’s #Oscar denunciation. American jobs outsourced to Karachi Paris Tehran

HAHAHAHA! I’m sorry, but this is really funny (and biting, and also kinda sad in a way, the denunciation thing might actually happen, can’t rule anything out during primary season). Iranian film “A Separation” won for Best Foreign Language Film, Pakistani documentary “Saving Face” won for Documentary Short Feature, and France is the whole ‘The Artist” shebang (Best Director, Best Actor, Best Film).

I didn’t watch it, full list of winners here:

I’m a little disappointed that Viola Davis didn’t win, but then again, Meryl Streep’s win meant that a great cosmic imbalance has been fixed – Meryl Streep now has more Oscars than Hilary Swank.. They both had two before this, which frankly, is just an insult to Streep’s great career. Hugo won a lot of the technical awards, deservedly so, I think. Apparently there’s some sort of a controversy about the Best Documentary category since a documentary about sports (“Undefeated’) won over a documentary that actually was instrumental in getting people who were wrongly convicted out of prison (“Paradise Lost 3”). I can’t really comment since I’ve seen neither, but …  it is called Best Documentary category, not Best Documentary that Performed the Most Public Service and Bring Changes into People’s Lives.

This is just too adorable for words!!!! Meryl Streep is 23 years older than Jean Dujardin, by the way. I’d totally buy them together as a couple in a movie. Hollywood, please do right by this man and not cast him always as the villain with non-specified European accent, ‘kay??


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