Sherlocked in Any Language

From BBC (this is not a fanvid), Sherlock dubbed into Italian, Russian, Spanish and French. It’s the scene where Sherlock and Watson met for the first time and Sherlock was making all sorts of deductions about Watson. For my money, Russian fits the mood and style of the show the best. Plus the Italian guy dubbing Sherlock’s voice sounds really annoying.

More Cumberbatch goodness, from upcoming Star Trek 2. Cumberbatch meets Quinto? Won’t the universe just EXPLODE from all the geeky hotness????!!!!

Cumberbatch backstage for Frankenstein at the National Theatre. I guess he’s playing the part of “the creature” on this night.

BC and Louise Brealey (poor Molly) topped a Radio Times poll on which TV Personality they most like to take on a date on Valentine’s day. Martin Freeman is in third place, beaten by David Tennant the previous Dr Who (hmm, sorry John, I’d have to say I agree with this!)

Brought to you by The Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Society, with gratitude that he isn’t a Hollywood actor, in which case his agent would have told him to change his name (Ben Batch, anyone?). Seriously, I don’t think I’ve come across any actor’s name as delightful as this before 🙂





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