The Good Wife S03E15 (Live from Damascus)

I’m thinking of that conversation between Will and Kalinda early this season when Will said something about the two of them not being like other people; how they don’t feel emotions like normal people.  I wonder if by the end of this episode, Will and Kalinda actually wish that is true. Kalinda’s heartbreaking expression as she realizes her Syrian contact (and friend?) is probably dead, or at best captured and tortured. Will’s determined, but equally heartbreaking expression as he walked out of the office for the last time before his suspension. (What is up with the baseball bat, thought? In last week’s preview when they showed him with the bat, I really thought he was going to do something stupid, but no, he’s just taking the bat home, apparently).

I usually love Judge Abernathy, but there’s something so … unseemly? inappropriate? about him going on and on about the bravery of the Occupy Wall Street protesters in a courtroom filled with families of people who were actually KILLED during a protest in Syria. Look, I’m not in any way trying to diminish the harship faced by the OWS protesters, but to see Judge Abernathy almost in tears waxing poetic about them in that particular setting just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. I’m also not crazy about the scenes of the protest in Syria, with people being beaten and everything, being shown over an upbeat song in the background. Sure, the context is that the lawyers were discussing the case while the party celebrating Will’s non-indictment was still going on, but the show didn’t have to keep the music so loud the whole time. This isn’t some music video about protest and demonstration they are making, they are talking about an actual event, still taking place to this day, where many, many people have died, been injured or arrested. 

Finally someone uses the word THEFT to refer to Will’s action. Because it is theftm even if he did put the money back, or if it was fifteen years ago. I love how it’s Diane and Alicia who were trying to make excuses for Will (it was so long ago, you put it back, you don’t deserve this etc etc), but Will finally understood he had to face the consequences. Diane rushing to the Bar Association, red handbag and all, to plead for Will (by lying that Will was the one who set up the pro-bono unit of the firm), so awesome! I guess six months will take us to the end of the season. I predict shenanigans from David Lee and Eli to jockey for position. (Lockhart, Gold? Lockhart, Lee?)


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