House S08E12 (“Chase”) Review

H: Noradrenaline and near-death experience. Oh dear. You saw god?
C: She did. She wants to go back to the monastery.
H: So now you’re preparing a Power Point presentation to keep her in your garden of earthly delights. You’re an idiot.
C: Because I found someone I love?
H: Because you’re an idiot. At least you two have that in common.
C: Her feelings are based on a chemical process, they’re going to wear off.
H: You just slept with her. Your brain is exploding with oxytocin. You think that’s going to last through the ages?
C: She’s throwing away her life because of blind faith.
H: So are you! She’s found something she wants to build her life around. It’s a total illusion, but apparently she’ll take a little ignorance with her bliss. You want to take that away?
C: How many times have you thrown the truth in people’s faces?
H: Because it’s the truth! Not because we’re going to live happily ever after. Either your relationship just blows up like every other non-magical romance, or she stays with you but blames you for stripping all the meaning out of her life.
C: This is nothing to do with the truth. You don’t like that I’m reassessing my life, that I want to change it, that I can.
H: Anyone can screw up a life. I never said that wasn’t possible.
C: You’re incapable of human connection, so you want everyone to be like you.
H: If I wanted you to be like me, I would e urging you to make a stupid, stubborn decision that blows up your life and leaves you lonely and miserable. You reassess your life when you’ve made mistakes. You didn’t. You just got stabbed.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone on the show has accused House of wanting other people to be miserable because he’s miserable before, except for Chase. This is your great revelation after almost dying, Chase? Something everyone else has pointed out many, many times before? It’s not even true, for the most part. I think House’s big thing isn’t wanting other people to be miserable, he wants people to stare THE TRUTH in the face, no matter how miserable or unhappy it would make them. Which is why it’s a little weird that he’s not only willing to let the nun carry on in blissful ignorance, but is adamant that Chase should let her. I suppose it’s because House’s focus in this case is to prevent Chase from making a mistake that will ruin his life, so the nun is not a priority. So House is basically admitting that DRIVING HIS CAR INTO CUDDY’S HOUSE last season was a mistake that left him lonely and miserable, right? Good to know, House.

I love how flabbergasted House was at Chase’s complete lack of self-awareness. Her feelings are based on chemicals! Well, so are yours! She’s throwing her life away because of blind faith! Dude, look in the mirror! The only difference is her blind faith in in god, while yours is in love. Although, I’m a little skeptical about Chase throwing his life away because he wants a relationship with Moira the not-yet-nun. Sure, like House said, they might break up in the future, but that’s true for any relationship, or she might blame him for taking away her faith, but guilt doesn’t have to necessarily ruin your life and leave you lonely and miserable.

I’m sorry, but I can’t take all the outrage from Adams and Taub about Chase operating on someone he slept with ONE TIME all that seriously, considering that in the last episode, Taub, Adams and Park operated on Chase. “Your judgment is compromised”? Please, what about their judgment, operating on a co-worker they obviously care about? Not to mention Foreman’s lecture about Chase sleeping with a former patient. Umm, Foreman, didn’t you put your girlfriend into your Huntington drug trial, thus making her your patient? And then completely screwing with the trial to make sure your girlfriend got the real drug instead of the placebo? I agree that Chase should be taken off the case, but having Foreman delivering the lecture just felt hollow and hypocritical. You don’t have the moral high ground to be that disappointed in Chase, Foreman. Just do your job and take him off the case and spare us the condescending lectures.

Interesting that House knows exactly what is going on with Chase and Taub, and how they are over-reacting to Chase’s stabbing, but completely missed Park’s fear. Probably because Chase and Taub have worked for him longer. ‘Companionship’? Oh Park, that’s sooo not the right word, ‘company’, maybe, but not companionship. No wonder Chase thought you were asking him out! I like the developing friendship between Chase and Park. Well, to be honest, at this point, I’m just grateful for any relationship between Chase and a woman that doesn’t turn into sex or romance. You love her, after ONE NIGHT together? Seriously, Chase? He’s an alternating slut and commitment junkie. Too quick to fall in love and planning a life together (see: Cameron, Allison), and when that blew up, starts sleeping around like there’s no tomorrow, and then this: ‘I love you’ after spending one night together.

C: I need to get away from House, and everything that reminds me of him.
A: By breaking the rules, not caring what anyone else thinks. You’re going to get away from him by turning into him?

Hah! Go Adams.


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