House S08E12 (Chase) Promo and Sneak Peeks

Promo for House Season 8 Episode 12 (“Chase”):

Four sneak peeks for the same episode:

When I said Chase hugging the nun in the promo photo looks dodgy, I was half-joking, I had no idea the show will actually make Chase sleeps with her!!! Seriously show, is this all you can think of when it comes to Chase? His response to every traumatic and stressful event is to sleep around? And Chase, what are you trying to do, seduce the nun away from her religious vows with the sheer power of your hotness? Makes sense that Adams would be the one insisting that Chase gets help; since she blames herself for what happened, her own peace of mind is inevitably linked to how well Chase is doing, if Chase is a wreck, fair chance it would affect her too. “I need to get away from House, and everything that reminds me of him”. Does “everything” include Adams too? And where the heck is Foreman? He was nowhere to be seen near Chase in the last episode (talk about not caring, at least House provided the crucial diagnosis that allows Chase to walk again).

My guess is the episode is mostly about Chase taking stock of his life after his near-death and near-paralysis experience, and somehow coming to the conclusion that his life would have been better had he not met House. There’s an abdication of responsibility here that I’m not really crazy about; come on Chase, other people can affect you only as much as you allow them. Assuming Jesse Spencer is not leaving the show mid-season, Chase would probably either decide that:

1) House is not to be blamed after all, and his anger towards House is actually misplaced anger towards himself and the choices he made in life.

2) He’s still angry at House and blames him for what happened, but manages to come to some sort of terms with it to continue working for House.


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