House “Nobody’s Fault” – What Type of Injury?

After that promo video with Greg Yaitanes where he said – “Somebody got hurt, and somebody got hurt in a way that is going to affect them for the rest of their life” – I’m getting obsessed trying to figure out what kind if injury he’s talking about here. Something involving permanent disability? Chase in a wheelchair? Chase with a cane? Please god, no, I don’t want the show to turn Chase into House Jr! House’s darkness is bearable because he’s surrounded by at least some people who are sunshine and puppies at least some of the time, and not as dark and cloudy as him. I don’t think I can stand it if everyone in the show is angry and misanthropic. Some screencaps from the 30-second preview, focusing on the House’s-team-member-getting-hurt-part:

The hospital room after the incident? Too messy to just be the work of the violent patient. The mess in the cabinet is probably Adams and the rest of the doctors looking for medical supplies in a hurry.

…ocaine. Probably lidocaine (local anesthetic). Could be for the original patient, or for the injured doctor.

A bloody scalpel falling to the floor. Most probably the weapon used by the violent patient. How much damage can you do with a scalpel? Throat slashing, maybe a lot with just one slash. Chest or abdomen stabbing, probably would need multiple stabbing to cause life-threatening injury, unless the patient is a trained assassin who knows exactly where to struck.

Taub running into the room as Adams and Chase struggle with the patient. So even three people can’t handle the patient. Was his behavior caused by the wrong medicine given as a result of a wrong diagnosis by House and his team?

I see Taub and Park on either side of the gurney, and Adams on top, which leaves Chase as the injured doctor.

There’s another possibility for the “getting hurt in a way that would change his life forever” part – no wheelchair, no cane, no permanent disability. Think ER and the episode where Carter and Lucy were stabbed by a patient (with a big, giant knife, though, not a teeny tiny scalpel), Lucy died, Carter survived but became addicted to painkillers. No, no, no, David Shore, I beg you, please, please, please don’t!! 1) If you’re copying the plot from old episodes of ER, your show deserves to be cancelled, and 2) like I said before, please don’t turn Chase into House Jr. If this were any other show, I might believe that they would turn crippled!Chase or addicted-to-painkillers!Chase into a different and interesting storyline, but I don’t really trust David Shore and his writers to not fall into the temptation of validating House’s dark and misanthropic worldview. Of course this show will make that Chase as miserable and depressed as House himself. Look, I love watching dark, miserable, depressed House, but I don’t want everyone on the show to be just like him! And certainly not Chase, whose worldview was never like House’s to begin with. This would make more sense if it’s Foreman, for example.

8 thoughts on “House “Nobody’s Fault” – What Type of Injury?

  1. With the scalpel, it could be that he was stabbed in the back, affecting his spine and causing some kind of paralysis, that is serious and life-threatening enough to change his life forever.

    • Good point! In the promo, he seems to be lying on his back on the gurney though, while Adams is working on him. If the injury is on his back, he’d probably be lying on his side or stomach. It’s possible the doctors missed it, maybe the wounds on his front side are bleeding a lot more, so they don’t notice the back wound. Or he stopped breathing, and performing CPR takes precendence over worry about spinal injury.

    • Wow, thanks a lot for the link 🙂 It’s a real apology, that’s surprising, I thought House would just go for the “I’m sorry your life sucks right now” type of thing. Maybe it’s like Lidocane said above, Chase was stabbed in the back to cause that injury.

      • That’s the only logical explanation… Don’t think the scalpel is long enough to reach the back. Or els.e he couldve fallen in a really bad way. I can imagine that while they restrain the patient the couldve forgotten about chase for a moment until he collapses. Then the fight to save chases life would begin in earnest. They would have had to do something while they wait to take chase to the op room. Oh did u also notice that it was tabu who was operating on him.

        • Yup, a fall could definitely be the reason as well, and the doctors would be so worried about all the blood from the stabbing, they might not notice. I didn’t notice it was Taub, but it was definitely his voice and Adams calling out for various medical stuff. Hey, if an intensivist can suddenly turn into a surgeon, I’m sure a plastic surgeon can suddenly perform complex, life-saving surgery! 🙂 The retconning is just out of control on this show. A baby sister while Chase was in high school? So I guess Chase abandoned his teenage sister when he came to work for House then?

          • Don’t forget chase doing hypnosis on a girl in one episode …. 😉 yup pretty sure it was TAub, with Adams watching at his side. House too! Kinda like the team trying to save his life. And it warms my heart that House is worried enough to be on the floor observing too.

            • I don’t think “not caring” is House’s problem, he just usually doesn’t want people to know that he cares. But this is probably a drastic enough situation. Chase’s faith in House breaks my heart – his belief that if anyone can fix this, House can. Like that conversation he had with Adams when they were talking about him quitting medicine when House was in prison, he had faith that House would come back and he’d get his job back. Or the look he gave House in that same episode when House told the team to go home because there’s nothing more they can do for the patient. It’s like he was expecting House to pull something out from his genius box. Dude, he’s just a guy, don’t expect too much from him, you’re going to be disappointed!! But in the promo photo for the next episode, he’s standing up just fine, so maybe House did fix it after all. Kinda awesome how the show sets this up from the beginning though, I thought the “I had faith” line was just a throwaway at the time.

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