Wild Romance

My last Kdrama was Scent of a Woman, way back when. Still trying to decide whether Wild Romance is worth watching. One the plus side, Wookie!! (He’s working hard, another drama already?). On the other hand, based on the synopsis, I have a horrible feeling he will be spending at least half the series being a total jerk and trying his best to humiliate the heroine for having the temerity to beat him in a physical fight. Ughhh, doesn’t sound promising.


2 thoughts on “Wild Romance

  1. Actually, this drama may surprise you. I only watched it for Wookie and actually found it addictive. Also, his character has more layers than you think. Plus, the two leads have good chemistry, even if it starts off as really nice frienemy kinda ‘chemistry’. Give it a try 🙂

    • Yeah, a friend of mine also said after a rocky first few episodes, it’s actually pretty good 🙂 I’ve been traveling and hadn’t had the chance to watch the House episode yet. After all the hype, I’m kinda scared to watch it now, it’s bound to be a disappointment.

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