Ausiello’s Spoiler Alert for House “Nobody’s Fault” Episode

Ausiello Spoiler Alert video, on the set of Cougar Town. The House-relevant portion is from 5:15 to 6:25. It’s basically two actors from Cougar Town performing a scene from “Nobody’s Fault”, with heavy bleeping for the spoilery part (mainly to keep the identity of the injured person secret, I guess, although they did let it slip that it’s a HE).

A: I’ve spoken with (bleep) and you know (bleep)
B: Nope
A: Are you really this indifferent to the fact that (bleep) is hurt?
B: Are we going off the record because this is irrelevant, or you’re gonna hit me?
A: Why don’t you just tell the guy you’re sorry?
B: I didn’t do anything wrong.
A: Well, it’s not an admission of guilt, okay. He’s your friend, and you’re checking on him.
B: (Laugh) He’s a (bleep), come on.
A: A (bleep) whom you’ve (bleep), and who nearly died and who’s scared he may never (bleep)
B: What, you’re gonna have me fired for bad manners?
A: Just trying to understand you. Why a man in your position, with your abilities, is incapable of shaking the impulse to act like an ass.
B: All right, can we go back on the record and get this over with? I got somewhere to go.

I’m guessing A is Dr Walter Cofield, the guy who is putting House’s process on trial, and B is House. All hints still pointing to Chase as the injured team member, but it’s a little weird that Cofield would refer to Chase as House’s ‘friend’. Come on, everyone knows House only has one friend! But it’s possible that Cofield being an outsider (not working at Princeton-Plainsboro) might not know the lay of the land so accurately. It’s also possible that when Cofield spoke to Chase, he got the impression that Chase considers House a friend, and Cofield just assumed that the sentiment is reciprocated (ohh that’s so sad, reminds me of that episode when House invited Chase bowling because Wilson was too busy with his new girlfriend, Chase seemed so happy). House’s response with the laughter is telling, the bleeped part is probably him saying something like – he’s not my friend, he works for me, he’s a subordinate – or something like that.

Interesting how Cofield and House interpreted the word “sorry” differently. I’m pretty sure Cofield is going for the “I’m sorry this awful thing happened to you” sympathy type of “sorry”, while House’s mind immediately goes to apology and admission of guilt. There’s an earlier spoiler from TV Guide that says House will eventually say “I’m sorry” to the injured team member, but I’m curious which sense of the word “sorry” he means by that (maybe both).

 “… who nearly died and who’s scared he may never …”. I’m almost sure I heard “walk again” in the bleeped out part, but maybe that’s just my imagination. Lots of options for finishing that sentence – never practice medicine again, never be able to forgive you, never have sex again (hello Downton Abbey!), etc etc. Monday night couldn’t come soon enough, I haven’t been this excited for a House episode in ages. Hmm, come to think of it, the last time I was this excited is when Chase and Cameron were coming back on the team, and we all know what happened then! They stuck Chase with the awful “I killed Idi Amin Jr” storyline and fired Cameron for what seems to me to be no particular reason other than some guys find Thirteen hotter than Cameron. They’ll probably find a way to screw this up too!

Someone at Youtube combined most of the previews and interviews in one video:


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