More Previews and Interviews for House “Nobody’s Fault”

Behind the scene look with Greg Yaitanes, the director of the episode. Apparently he’s been looking for the right part to cast Jeffrey Wright in the show for a few years.

Interview with Jesse Spencer and Greg Yaitanes. I guess it’s comnfirmed that Chase is the one who got hurt in the episode, since Yaitanes talked about his character having the opportunity to make the audience take pause and consider the effects of House’s crazy actions. “Somebody got hurt, and somebody got hurt in a way that is going to affect them for the rest of their lives”. I wonder what he meant by this? Near-death experience affecting Chase’s judgment and actions from now on? Permanent disability? Chase exchanging his near-total faith in House to faith in God? (This is plausible based on the synopsis of the next episode). So many speculations.

I’m also curious about this from Jesse Spencer: “How does Chase come to the conclusion that House is at fault, and is he really at fault?” Wonder if it is somehow related to Cameron’s parting shot as she was leaving, about the toxic environment House created, and House poisoning Chase until he can’t tell the difference between right and wrong anymore. At the time, Chase adamantly disagreed with Cameron’s assessment, pointing out that he is his own man and not House’s sock-puppet, and that he takes responsibility for his own action. It will be disappointing if his view about this has changed and he suddenly starts blaming House for everything. Please, show, don’t go there, we already have one whiny doctor always blaming House for everything (sorry Foreman, if anything, you’ve gotten whinier now that you’re House’s boss), we don’t need another one. The episode better gives a darn good reason for Chase’s change of heart. Well, I guess almost dying qualifies as a good reason, but we’ll have to see how far House is culpable. Are we talking specific actions he took during the episode, or just House’s general process to push and manipulate his team?

ETA: From TV Guide:

Thanks for the preview of next week’s House. Anything else you can tell me? — Alex
While lots of (deserved) attention has been paid to Jeffrey Wright’s excellent guest turn as a neurologist deciding House’s fate, don’t take your eyes off the rest of the team. The incident that leads to the investigation leaves a major character fighting serious injuries that could upend his or her future on the show. And the crippling fallout will even have Dr. Crankypants uttering the words — gasp! — “I’m sorry.”



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