House M.D. “Nobody’s Fault” Promo

Two promo video for House Episode 11:×11-nobodys-fault-promo-01/×11-chase-exclusive-sneak-peek/

Wow, I take back my theory about the press-release hyping up the seriousness of the injury. With all that blood, and Adams on top of the gurney presumably performing CPR, definitely look life-threatening. So Jeffrey Wright’s character is not a doctor at Princeton-Plainsboro, he’s the Chief of Neurology from Mercy Hospital, and House and his team is a subject of a disciplinary hearing. “I’ll be deciding your fate today” seems a bit hyperbolic; after all the things House has done and been through (going to a mental hospital, losing his medical license, going to prison etc etc), what else is there? Losing his medical license again, but for good this time? Losing his job at Princeton-Plainsboro? They’ve gone to such an extreme with House, it’s hard to imagine anything shocking anymore.

From Ask Ausiello:

Question: Do you have some fresh news about the much discussed and highly anticipated 11th episode of House, “Nobody’s Fault”? —Máté

Ausiello: The showdown between Hugh Laurie and special guest star Jeffrey Wright will more than live up to the hype. “Those two were phenomenal,” raves exec producer Greg Yaitanes, who directed the pivotal hour. “Watching two people bring that level of game every day was unbelievable.” As we first reported, Wright plays a renowned neurosurgeon who puts House’s process on trial. “To be the person who’s coming in after eight seasons to decide the fate of the series is an incredible task,” Yaitanes notes. “And he brought so much gravity to it.” Elaborating on the premise of the episode, Yaitanes says, “It will turn a mirror on every person that’s watched the show and thought that all of the dangerous stuff that House did every week was funny. And now something bad happens, and what does that mean? At what cost are we willing to see him take those risks? The outcome of it [impacts] the rest of the season. It’s a big episode.”

Hmmm, I’m having a bad feeling about that Yaitanes quote regarding the premise of the episode. Hopefully the show won’t turn all Michael Haneke “Funny Games” on us and starts lecturing the viewers about their own complicity. Isn’t this like trying to have it both ways? They want the audience to laugh at House’s antics, but then turn around and lecture the audience for laughing at something that is actually dangerous or skirts the ethical line. Dear House M.D. producers, it’s called suspension of disbelief. In real life, people won’t actually laugh along with House’s antics or find his actions funny, they would probably report him to the medical board, or the police. People know they are watching something make-believe and not real, hence the ability to laugh and find it funny. No guilt-tripping is necessary. Gahhh, I hate it when a show turns self-righteous on its audience.


ETA: A clearer video at youtube. It doesn’t seem to be CPR that Adams is doing, more like trying to stop the bleeding? Bloody scalpel on the floor, the violent patient holding something that looks like a scalpel in the promo picture, so that’s probably the weapon. Chase better not die or I’m going to stop watching again!


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