The Good Wife S03E14 (Another Ham Sandwich)

Okay, I know this episode is more about Will than about Eli and his antics, but ewwww! You two, get a room already. No one wants to see licking in public. Of course they did get a room in the end, but only for Eli’s ego (and heart?) to be crushed because Stacie will be running his ex-wife’s campaign. Eli basically bullying Caitlin after finding out the she’s David Lee’s niece is entirely predictable, but it’s surprising that Eli doesn’t seem all that surprised about David Lee being Alicia’s divorce lawyer. Why is Eli not in full damage-control mode already? Is he having second thoughts about running Peter’s campaign for governor?

So Will’s middle name is Paul, and he’s known Diane for eight years. Hmm, I would have thought longer than that, they seem so at ease with each other, like they’ve known each other for at least half their lives. I never believed that Kalinda would sell out Will to protect Alicia, or vice versa; wily Kalinda would find some ways out of the dilemma. That look on Dana’s face when she realized Kalinda played her, so satisfying. Now can we please get rid of this character so I can like Cary again? Love the Will-Kalinda moment, from the thumbs up, to the hug, to the “I owe you”. Yup, you definitely owe her big time, Will.

I don’t understand Wendy Scott-Carr’s strategy in calling Alicia to testify. Is it just payback because Will made her look like a fool? Doesn’t seem consistent with her character. A way to humiliate her former rival, Peter Florrick? Alicia was entirely justified shooting her down, her questions were irrelevant to the case. But that’s the problem with a grand jury, without a defense attorney to object to inappropriate or irrelevant questions, the witness is left to fend for herself; take the Fifth and the jury might think you have something to hide (poor Judge Parks!), lie and run the risk of going to prison for perjury, refuse to answer and run the risk of being held for contempt.

No indictment for Will, and Will and Diane dancing. All is right with the world, for now at least.


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