The Good Wife Preview

TV Guide has some teasers on the next episode of The Good Wife (“Another Ham Sandwich”). I’m guessing the title refers to that saying about how a grand jury is so biased for the prosecutor, they would indict a ham sandwich if the prosecutor told them to. That doesn’t bode well for Will at all. The Will-related teasers:

Alicia will take the stand and things will get ugly. As seen in the previews, Wendy Scott-Carr won’t be pulling any punches and goes so far as to question Mrs. State’s Attorney about her relationship with Will outside of the office. Luckily, Alicia will have at least one unlikely ally in the courtroom, but Wendy is out for blood, and an indictment, and she’ll prove hard to beat.

Peter and Alicia will finally come clean about Will … sort of. They have been dancing around the Will card all season, but Alicia and Peter (Chris Noth) will finally get down to brass tacks and confront the issue, to a certain extent. We’re not calling either Florrick a liar, but someone will be less than forthcoming. 

Someone will plead the fifth. Technically, pleading the fifth is supposed to help a witness protect from self incrimination, but staying mum might have the opposite effect this time around. Uh oh.

Full article here:


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