I Confess My Undying Hatred for Jimmy McNulty

So the Washington Post has a slide show celebrating the most memorable characters from The Wire, and guess who gets the prime spot on the second slide after the introduction slide? Jimmy McNulty. Seriously, I don’t get all the love for this guy. He moaned and whined his way throughout the five seasons, all the while convinced that he’s the smartest guy in the police department, and that he’s the only one who cared about everything – solving crimes, putting bad guys in jail and on and on and on. Please, McNulty, you’re not all that. This is the caption for McNulty’s photo:

Jimmy McNulty (played by Dominic West), a Baltimore cop, was one of the show’s mainstays, a classic anti-hero frustrated by the system and often driven by a mix of hubris and booze.

“Classic anti-hero”. Bleghhh. The kids from Season 4 (Randy, Michael, Duquan and Namond) are listed together, which I think is a little unfair to Michael, who had a much more interesting storyline in Season 5 and probably deserves a spot of his own. My own list would have included Slim Charles, Cutty and Rawls. I would have ditched Brother Mouzone and “the journalists” (it’s strange, almost as if David Simon suddenly forgets how to write complex, interesting characters with the Baltimore Sun storyline). Top of my list would be Lester Freamon and Stringer Bell, advantage Lester because he’s in more episodes (sorry String, it’s your own fault for making Omar your enemy.)

WaPo slideshow: http://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/magazine/the-wire-the-tv-shows-memorable-characters/2012/01/26/gIQAiQvYWQ_gallery.html#photo=1


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