The Good Wife (Season 3 Episode 11) – What Went Wrong

I really enjoyed the case of the week, involving a police officer accused of killing her husband. I don’t think it’s specifically mentioned during the episode, but she’s probably a Legal Aid client since Justin is working the case alongside Diane and Alicia. I’m still not sure what it meant when Diane “brought” Legal Aid to the firm. Does that mean lawyers from other firm can’t or won’t donate their time to Legal Aid anymore? Can it still be called Legal Aid now that it’s basically more like a pro-bono arm of Lockhart-Gardner? Still, it’s really great to see Diane working with Justin, they’re both so passionate about the case (love the high-fiving after Cary and Dana offered the deal for second degree murder). Alicia is more subdued this episode, maybe partly because she’s still recovering from the big break-up. I’m not sure what that look she gave Will after their ‘we’re all adults here, so things won’t be awkward” conversation is really about. Is she surprised that Will seemed so okay about the whole thing? Is she expecting a more heartbroken Will? She was adamant in her conversation with her brother that she wasn’t in love with Will, but she’s been saying that for a while now.

Wendy Scott-Carr using the investigation on Will to conduct her own backdoor investigation on Peter’s past? Like Will said, only in Chicago. I expected Will to turn Scott-Carr down, not because he has any love lost for Peter, but because we’ve seen Will doing things he might not necessarily want to do because of bruised ego and pride before (deciding to represent the lawyer of a notorious drug kingpin after a US Attorney threatened him not to take the case, being on the side of taking the case of the woman who accused an Al Gore-like character of assaulting her after  the guy’s lawyer trash-talked the firm and punched Will, for example). And maybe, just maybe, he still has some hope of getting back together with Alicia, and that proably won’t happen if he’s responsible for sending Peter back to jail – Grace and Zach will never forgive him, or be okay with him having a relationship with Alicia. The question is, is there really any basis at all for Wendy Scott-Carr’s accusation? I don’t mean in terms of whether Peter’s done some corrupt thing in his previous stint as state attorney, I’m sure he has, but that Will and Lockhart-Gardner is involved with Peter’s corruption.

Alicia and Kalinda, BFF again? Too soon to tell. I’m so over Dana right now, and even Cary to some extent. This whole dance between them and Kalinda is tedious, I bet the show thinks it’s edgy or something. Kalinda and the FBI agent, Kalinda and the married investigator, both ten times more interesting than this plotline. Enough already, please! Bring Matan Brody back and send Dana packing, I say.


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