The Good Wife (Season 3 Episode 12) – David Lee Edition

David Lee is back!! He’s back, and fighting with Julius (hey you, welcome back too!) and Eli like 5-year-old boys in the sandbox. Diane playing referee (or mommy!) and keeping things together. What the heck, Will? I know you’re busy worrying about your upcoming indictment, but still, the firm is called Lockhart-Gardner, help Diane out a bit, will you? Extra bonus point – nothing in this episode about the Dana-Cary-Kalinda triangle/flirtangle. In fact, no Dana at all. Happy, happy days. Extra, extra bonus point, the first scene with Diane and the process server at the museum, oooffff, double meanings galore (“do you want the spot?” “the inside top of the right thigh.”)

Case of the week is about a couple suing Lockhart-Gardner for alienation of affection – basically they’re saying LG conspired to break their marriage apart to make money from the sale of the husband’s company. The wife hired David Lee as her divorce attorney, David Lee being the great divorce attorney that he is managed to get her 50% of all her husband’s assets, including his company. Julius worked on the sale of the company, and Lockhart-Gardner made more money from that sale than the client (how is that even possible?) The couple accused David Lee of hiring a prostitute to sleep with the husband, then showing the pictures of the infidelity to the wife so she would change her mind about reconciling with her husband. In fact David Lee (or rather Kalinda, on Lee’s order) did hire the prostitute, but not to sleep with the husband, only to drink with him and get him drunk so he will be charged with a DUI and lose custody of the daughter. The whole sleeping with the prostitute thing was strictly the husband’s own initiative. The resolution of the case came down to David Lee possibly forging a document and tricking Alicia to sign it by pretending that it’s part of the document setting up a trust for her children, and also the husband proving to be a cheating jerk yet again. 

Awww, I was hoping Will would hire the lawyer who was always playing the pregnancy card and the mommy card. He’s hired Elsbeth Tascioni instead, the lawyer who got both Peter and Alicia out of trouble before. Not sure how good she is, she promptly got Will indicted by forcing Wendy Scott-Carr’s hand. And Alicia knows that Will is in trouble, because Will went to her for advice on lawyers, but she’s still in the dark about what the problem is. I can’t believe she doesn’t suspect that Peter has something to do with this, though. I’m amazed how in the dark she’s been about this whole thing. The lawyer Will was considering before he hired Tascioni told him the best he can expect is two years in prison and never practicing law again, and even that only if he gave evidence against someone else (Peter?). Wow, he really is in trouble. It’s the “never be able to practice law again” part that seems to bother Will the most, not the “go to jail” part (minimum security, the lawyer assured him, so probably more conjugal-visits-allowed rather than prison-rape, but, prison is still prison).


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