Sherlock S02E01 – A Scandal in Belgravia,Bromance Edition

And somebody loves you. If I had to punch that face, I’d avoid your nose and teeth too.

My friends are so wrong about you. You’re a great boyfriend. Sherlock Holmes is a very lucky man.
Jeanette, please.
No, it’s heartwarming, you’ll do anything for him. You can’t even tell your girlfriends apart.
I’ll do anything for you, just tell me what it is I’m not doing. Tell me.
Don’t make me compete with Sherlock Holmes!

What do you normally say? You’ve texted him a lot.
You …. flirted, with Sherlock Holmes?

Does that make me special?
I don’t know, maybe.
Are you jealous?
We’re not a couple.
Yes you are.
Who the hell knows about Sherlock Holmes. But for the record, if anyone out there still cares, I’m not actually gay.

Why would he care? He despises her at the end. Won’t even mention her by name. Just “the woman”.
Is that loathing, or a salute? One of a kind, the one woman who matters?
He’s not like that. He doesn’t feel things that way.

Yeahhhh, keep telling yourself that, Watson. They’re really going all out for the bromance this episode! Be back later for full episode review, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy Holmes’ and Watson’s awkwardness here:

Maybe it’s because Rachel McAdams will always be “that girl from The Notebook” to me, but the Irene Adler from this episode fits more as the mysterious, brilliant, alluring woman that could conceivably stole Sherlock Holmes’ heart, than the Irene Adler from the movie.


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