Friday Night Lights – Matt “Mayday” Saracen

I’m with Billy Riggins, who cares if Mayday is a completely made-up nick no one ever used for Matt, it’s still an awesome nick! Certainly better than Tim’s “Seven”. A few Saracen moments:

Julie breaking up with Matt because she needed to find her own path in life (“I need to find my own Chicago”). As break-ups go, this is certainly a better reason than the Swede.

Matt at his father’s funeral. This episode (The Son, 4-05) is the best episode of the whole show for me.

Matt always seems to say all the right things during these type of scenes, he’s like the Mary Sue of good boyfriend. Go Matty Sue!

Matt and Smash, at the Alamo Freeze. It took me a while to realize that Landry never worked there, he was just bothering Matt at work.

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