Friday Night Lights – The Music

Some of my favorite songs from Friday Night Lights.

Opening credit theme:

Devil Town (Tony Lucca)
This is the song playing after the Dillon Panthers won the State Championship in Season 1 and the players were being paraded around town. There’s something sly about the lyrics and how invested the town is in the success of a high school football team.

This is the Thing (Fink)
Poor, sweet Matt, trying so hard to do the right thing. The song plays in the background as Matt is driving from Dillon to his mother’s house (so apparently he’s known all along where his mom is living?) to get her signature so he can be declared an emancipated minor and becomes Grandma Saracen’s legal guardian.

Something Good This Way Comes (Jakob Dylan)
This is the sound of impending endings and changes, playing over a montage of Tim and Billy getting the tuxedo for Billy’s wedding, Eric and Buddy playing golf, Tami and Eric buying a car for Julie (from, where else, Buddy’s dealership), Matt and Julie at the movies, Tyra and Landry at the lake, and Tim and Lyla lounging in the backyard.

Driveway (Great Northern)
My choice for the most perfect soundtrack for a scene, probably ever. Matt’s father’s funeral. If your eyes weren’t welling up at least a little as Matt kept pounding and pounding with that shovel …..

Remorse Code (Richard Hawley)
This is from the kiss during the Julie-goes-to-Chicago-to-run-away-from-her-problems episode in Season 5 (or the I-don’t-want-to-be-your-safety-net episode).

Runaway (The National)From the same episode, as Matt is running to chase Julie’s car to tell her he loves her and they’ll figure it out, somehow.

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