Downton Abbey – More Mary and Matthew’s Memorable Moments (Series 2)

We’re not going to marry, but I don’t want him to spend the rest of his life in a cave. Of course I’m happy, good luck to him.

Mary pretending not to care about Matthew’s engagement. What’s that expression – the lady doth protest too much?

What do you think Mary sees in him?

Besides the money, you mean?

Meeting each other’s new love. Awkward!!!

Why, don’t you want me?

Of course I want you.

Awww, too bad they were only talking about Matthew coming to dinner. Mary losing her courage to confess her feelings to Matthew after seeing Lavinia being so upset about the possibility of losing Matthew. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the actress’ poor acting, or because I was biased against Lavinia from the start, but I really thought Lavinia was faking being so upset in that scene to stop Mary from confessing all. 

Last time you told me good news is imminent.

Would you be happy if it were?

Of course. I’ve found someone now, and I want you to do the same.

Nothing like two people pretending that they’re happy for each other. I’m sure they both believed it too, if you tell a lie often enough, you might start believing in it yourself.

There would be such wonderful things to do. If you were the only girl in the world and I’m the only boy.

Don’t get too excited yet, next time he might not be so lucky.

It seems such a short time ago since I turned you down, and now look at me, impotent, crippled, and stinking of sick. What a reversal. You have to admit it’s quite funny.

All I’ll admit is that you’re here, and you’ve survived the war. That’s enough for now.

Are you still in love with Matthew Crawley?

Of course not. Would I ever  admit to loving a man who preferred someone else over me?

You’re not really answering Richard’s question, Mary. He didn’t ask whether you would ADMIT to still loving Matthew, he asked whether you still love him. No wonder Richard is so crazy jealous all the time.

Noooo, stop, you’re about to do something that will doom your love forever!!! (at least until the Christmas Special).

She gave up because of us. We could never be happy now, you see. We’re cursed, you and I. Let’s be strong , Mary, and let’s accept that this is the end.

Of course it’s the end. How could it not be?

Darn it! I hate when people think they’re being honorable, noble and self-sacrificing, when actually they’re just being masochistic fools.


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