Downton Abbey – Mary and Matthew’s Memorable Moments

In honor of their impending nuptials (at least I hope so, unless Julian Fellowes wants to throw some more wrench into the works).

First meeting (Matthew: They’re obviously going to push one of the daughters at me. Mrs C: Won’t you stay for tea? Mary: No, I wouldn’t want to push in.)

Mary putting Matthew in his place, or being a total snob, depending on your perspective (Mary: I suppose you’re more interested in books than country sports. Matthew: I probably am. You’ll tell me that’s rather unhealthy. Mary: Not unhealthy. Just unusual, among our kind of people.) Ohhhh snap! Emphasis on “our”.

First hint of attraction (Mary: And I mean nothing in all this? Matthew: On the contrary, you mean a great deal. A very great deal.)

Matthew making his move (Matthew: If you really like an argument ..  Mary: Yes? Matthew: We should see more of each other.)

First kiss, and an off-screen proposal! Wow, he works really, really fast. (No dialogue required 🙂 )

Breaking up is hard to do (Mary: Would you have stayed, if I had accepted you? Matthew: Of course.)

MMMM for Season 2 later.

4 thoughts on “Downton Abbey – Mary and Matthew’s Memorable Moments

    • Thanks 🙂 Soon, I promise. Probably a good idea to separate Season 2 and the Christmas Special, since there’re lots and lots of memorable moments in the Christmas Special alone. I still can’t believe they’re actually engaged, I thought for sure the Christmas Episode would end with a cliffhanger!

        • What’s great is we never got an on-screen proposal that first time, we only see them kissing. I was cheering when Mary said she wanted the whole deal, kneeling, on bended knees and all. Well, they could be the M&M couple, or MaMat, LOL.

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