Game of Thrones

I got hooked watching Game of Thrones on my brother’s recommendation since he’s read the book series the show is based on and said the story is amazing. Keeping track of the various characters was complicated, so I resorted to the Google, which is when I discovered that the book series is NOT YET COMPLETED. Apparently, my brother just “forgot” to mention this, heh. Hopefully the books will be completed before the show ends.

I’m not sure how invested I will be in the second season since (spoiler alert!) the character I was most invested in was killed in the penultimate episode. He’s bit like Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey; sure there are other interesting storylines and other interesting characters, but he was the foundation holding it together. It’s a brave narrative choice, but obviously quite risky, since I don’t think this season has established any other character with the same level of complexity as that dead character. Well, maybe Catelyn Stark, but if the second season is going to focus on the war for the throne, I’m worried that Lady Stark will get short shrift, as is often the case for women in war stories.

The most insufferable character for me so far is Sansa. I’m probably being too hard on her, she’s only thirteen after all, but girl, please, grow a spine. And thirteen in GOT’s universe is probably the equivalent of a lot older in our world, since she was about to get married. I’m still not clear why Ned Stark brought his daughter Arya with him to King’s Landing, he had to bring Sansa since Sansa is betrothed to the King’s son, but why not leave Arya at Winterfell with the rest of the family? Presumably the plan before Bran’s accident was to have the whole family (except Robb, since there must always be a Stark at Winterfell)  come along, but since that plan fell apart, why not leave Arya at Winterfell until the whole family is ready to come? It screams “plot convenience” a little to me, so that Arya can have her own adventures in the next series.


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones

  1. *book spoiler — very minor*

    It was Catelyn’s doing that brought Arya to Kings Landing — some sort of misguided idea that being at court would help Arya want to be more of a lady. (and also to befriend the King’s children).

    • Ahh, that makes more sense, thanks 🙂 In the show, Catelyn was too distraught about Bran’s accident to think about anything else. I guess they have to truncate a lot of things for the show, since I don’t really get the feeling from the show that Catelyn is that bothered by Arya’s lack of lady-like qualities.

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