Downton Abbey Christmas Special

This post contains spoilers for Downton Abbey Christmas Special Episode.

Wow, I did not see that last scene coming at all. I was absolutely convinced Julian Fellowes would continue the will-they-won’t-they storyline of Matthew and Mary until next season at least.

“I haven’t forgiven you because I don’t believe you need my forgiveness. You’ve lived your life and I’ve lived mine, and now it’s time we live them together”.

Oh Matthew, I would have accepted that proposal even without the kneeling down on the snow 🙂 But of course Mary could still be right, the ghost of Kamal Pamuk her one-time lover could still be resurrected whenever they have an argument, no matter how strongly Matthew denies it now.

I wonder if Lord Grantham’s own misadventure with the maid made it easier for him to understand Mary’s action. He glossed over the “I had sex with the Turkish diplomat and he died in my bed” part pretty quickly to focus on the Carlisle problem. Hey, if anyone understands lust, it’s probably him. So maybe that dreadful, dreadful storyline between him and Jane has a purpose after all! I forgive you a little bit for that, Julian Fellowes.

Poor Bates, with friends like that, who needs enemies? Sure, they shouldn’t lie under oath, but Lord Grantham, Mrs Hughes and O’Brian seemed so naive. The lawyer should have prepped them better. (Wait, wrong show, this is not The Good Wife). I think Anna will be fine, even in her state of worrying about her husband sentenced to life in prison, she still has the presence of mind to expose Lady Rosamund’s slimy suitor, caught in flagrante delicto with her maid. I guess we’re supposed to infer that the maid and Lord Hepworth are working together from the beginning, since she’s only been working for Rosamund for two months. Her job is to convince Rosamund of his good qualities while he’s seducing her.

This has to be the most awkward dancing conversation ever. What in the world could these two have to say to each other? “Oh by the way, you should be grateful to me since I’m the one who made sure that you remain the heir of Downton by causing Lady Grantham to lose her baby?” Hah!

This pair on the other hand should have more scenes together:

Overall, this is the best episode of Season 2. It’s making me very, very excited for Season 3.


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