The Good Wife – Drone Attack Edition (Season 3 Episode 9)

I know that last scene between Alicia and the military judge is supposed to be somewhat of a rebuke to Alicia (just look at Alicia’s expression), but I found the military judge’s effort to shame Alicia – “six children were killed, kids just like yours and mine, and you never even mentioned them during the trial!” – frankly a load of BS.  During the trial, the military analyst testified that “collateral damage” in the form of civilian deaths is acceptable if the drone attack was targeting someone considered high-valued enough. In other words, the US military presumably would have been just fine with six or even more children being killed if they thought the person they are targeting is important enough according to the “kill chain algorithm”. (That is one of the most chilling phrase I’ve ever heard). Of course the staff sergeant deserves to be punished for her crimes, but for the judge to say that holding her, and only her accountable is a just verdict – I don’t really buy that. And what the heck was that part about “their mothers are mourning them now”? Fathers don’t mourn when their children are killed? Or is that just the judge playing the “we’re both mothers here” card? She’s contemptuous when Will and Alicia brought up the gender issue, but isn’t she just playing the same game here?

Will’s pickup basketball game as the nexus of a bribery scandal? The Good Wife is an unpredictable enough show, and the characters very seldom simply black and white that I don’t immediately dismiss that as impossible. Very sweet (and maybe too trusting!) of Diane though to immediately assume that of course the charge against Will is not true, and Peter is just investigating Will as payback because Will is sleeping with his wife. Why in the world is Alicia only changing her keys now??? Surely David Lee must have told her how ugly custody battle can be, and after years of marriage with Peter, Alicia must have known what Jackie is capable of.  I really miss Peter, too much time is being invested on the Cary-Kalinda-Dana triangle, they could have given some of that screentime to the State Attorney.


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