The Good Wife – Will’s Secret

That’s Will’s secret? He stole 45K from a client to pay  a gambling debt 15 years ago (but he put it back!)? Ehhh. We’ve been teased about this since the Will-Blake showdown in Season 2, and that’s it? Sure, it’s wrong and unethical and could get Will disbarred and everything, but I’m with Alicia here, Will’s big, dark secret has been teased so much, anything short of he’s a mass murderer who imprisons women and children in his basement would probably be a bit of a letdown in any case.  So Peter and the state attorney’s office is investigating whether Will was bribing Judge Baxter (Will’s buddy who was the corrupt judge from Season 1 who took money from a private prison to send juvenile offenders there). It’s an absurd charge, of course, since Will was probably the one most angry and disappointed when he found out what his friend was doing. On the other hand, Will did lend Baxter $100,000 (and he told Kalinda that Baxter only paid back part of the money). Friend or no friend, a lawyer giving that huge sum of money to a corrupt judge, obviously eyebrows will be raised. I’m not clear what the charge would be though, since during the case Alicia had with Judge Baxter, it was established that Lockhart-Gardner’s lawyers very seldom work on juvenile cases. I’m guessing Peter wants to make the case that Will was bribing Baxter with the 100K to get preferential treatments for the firm’s clients, but if there is no client, where’s the bribery? I understand why Will is keeping Alicia in the dark about the state attorney’s office investigation, but this is sooooo going to blow up in his face. Alicia is NOT going to appreciate yet another guy she’s with keeping a secret from her.                                        


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