Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 6

Agghhhh, no! no! no! What are you doing, Julian Fellowes? I don’t want this to be the show where the lord of the manor takes advantage of the maid!!!!! I know, I know, it’s possible he’s going for TRUE LOVE with capital letters, but that great a power imbalance will always spell “taking advantage” to me. Plus, the show can’t possibly jettison Cora’s character for future seasons, she’s too popular, and I think this is a show that is quite concerned with audience’s reaction, so this dalliance with the maid is just that, a dalliance.

Ok, calming down. Maybe I’m misreading the preview for next episode. But I don’t think so, we’ve been shown the lingering looks and conversation between Grantham and the maid since the last episode. What’s really funny is back in Season 1, when we were shown how much Carson cares about Mary, my first thought was – they’re going to reveal at some point that Mary’s really the butler’s daughter! But I immediately rejected that thought because this does not seem like that kind of show. But if they are really going with the dalliance with the maid storyline, maybe I rejected the butler’s daughter storyline too quickly after all!

The Patrick-not-Patrick storyline will come back to haunt the Crawleys in the future, I’m sure. Oh Mary, you shouldn’t have been too obvious about your concern for Matthew when your future husband is sitting right there. I’m sure everyone saw the Matthew getting better storyline a mile away – of course he’ll be able to have children and, umm, the other thing. Still a toss up whether the show will leave him on the wheelchair. And of course Bates didn’t kill his wife, although I’m sure he’lll be the prime suspect and have to put up with all sorts of unpleasantness for a while.

Actually, Mary being married to Richard Carlisle with Carson as their butler is a spin-off show I’d like to see. “Your lot buys it, my lot inherits it.” Hah!



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