Mark Kermode and The Dark Knight

I’m not really a fan of the ferry scene in The Dark Knight, like BBC film crtitic Mark Kermode, I think the movie ends up having one moral dilemma too many (give up Batman or The Joker will start killing people, choose whether to save the woman you love or the person who can clean up Gotham, and on and on). But Kermode’s other criticism of the ferry scene is that it doesn’t make sense from logical stand-point. According to him, the mother who has her children with her on board the civilian’s ferry would definitely have snatched the detonator and blown the prisoner’s ferry, to save her children. “I’ll go to hell for this, but that’s fine, as long as my kids are saved.”

Setting aside the moral/ethical question of essentially committing mass murder to save your children, I wonder if the reason people on the civilian’s ferry hesitated is that they don’t trust The Joker – what if they push the detonator, and boomm, it’s their boat that ends up blowing up? The Joker did pull the bait-and-switch during the “save Rachel or Harvey Dent” dilemma.

I never thought a movie review can be more entertaining that the movie itself, but in Kermode’s case, that’s usually true. He’s at his best when he absolutely hates a movie – his rants are awesome!! (He actually liked The Dark Knight, except for his reservation about too many moral dilemma, and how it’s not better than Batman Begins). My favorite is this Sex and the City 2 review. I mean, how many movie reviews use phrases such as “corpulent filthy lucre”, “imperialist American pig dog of the highest order”?

He can be very frustrating sometimes – I think he’s too prejudiced against romantic comedy in general, and he thinks The Exorcist is the greatest movie of all time (uhhh, don’t think so). You can download his movie review podcasts here. But most of his reviews are also on youtube through the BBC official channel here, so it’s not against copyright or anything.



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