The Unbearable Lightness of Being Will Gardner

“What happened to work? Not everybody can pursue their dreams, someone has to work.”

Oh Will, I love you!! Unlike Celeste, I don’t think that statement is sad at all, it’s mature and grown-up. But then again, not sure why the show is treating it like some sort of a revelation that Will is a grown-up when it comes to his professional life- he’s always been shown to be that way. His immaturity or un-grown-up-ness, if we want to call it that, has been in his personal life.

I suspect the show is pulling a bait-and-switch – letting us think in the beginning that Will will end up hurting Alicia (the “I want to feel things like normal people and not fake emotions” conversation he had with Kalinda was supposed to be the big red flag), but then going the other route (Alicia hurting Will). Are we really supposed to believe though that this is just all fun and games for Alicia? I understand her wariness about getting more involved, she is still a married woman. But on that note, is she or is she not getting a divorce? Who is her divorce lawyer? How come we haven’t seen any progress on that front?

Diane and Will – now that’s the perfect couple (“everything but the sex!”). For once, they’re on the same page, usually it’s a push-and-pull between one person’s idealism and the other’s pragmatism. Let’s hope this streak of idealism won’t lead to another drawn-out storyline about the firm’s financial troubles bla bla bla, been there, done that, wasn’t very interesting the first time around.


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